Dirk Alyssasson

Ageing Barbarian Farmer


Dirk is a stout man, built strongly from years of farm labour. His appearance would be intimidating if not for his kind face and less-than-towering stature. His sun-tanned body is well muscled from years of farm work, and quite hairy, even for a human. He keeps his greying brown hair and beard poorly trimmed, using his sickle to cut loose any particularly long clumps. As with any self-respecting worker, Dirk’s tool never leaves his side, the tool of choice for Dirk is his Scythe, masterfully crafted and a gift from his son-in-law, following his marriage to Dirk’s daughter. He wears an agile breastplate, a gift from his son, over ragged farmer’s clothes and a pair of thick, leather boots.


Born to a tavern-maid in a small farming village, Dirk was brought up on tales of his adventurer father, a man who swooped into the village, freed them from the tyranny of marauding bandits and victoriously bedded Dirk’s mother, Alyssa. Afterwards he promptly ran off on a different quest. Despite the come-and-go nature of Dirk’s father, a man known to Alyssa as Redford, she was confident that one day he would return and marry her. Even in his youth, Dirk wasn’t as naive as his mother, and understood that Redford was never coming back. As soon as he was old enough to use the tools he took a job on a local hops farm to supplement his mother’s measly income.

Shortly after his mother’s death, Dirk sold his childhood home in order to buy a larger plot of land on the outskirts of the village. As a young man of sixteen years, Dirk began his life as a farmer, living out of a tent for the first couple of years while he got on his feet. He grew quite successful as a farmer, selling his products in town both to locals and to travelling merchants. Not long after brokering a deal with the local butcher, Dirk met the love of his life, Rosemary, the butcher’s daughter.She was a year younger than Dirk, and unmistakably beautiful. Not long after Dirk’s twentieth birthday the two of them were wed.

Three years later, the two bore their first child, Damien.Determined to provide the best life he could to his family, Dirk redoubled his effort on the farm, even hiring a few farmhands. This resulted in greater crop yields than Dirk had ever achieved before. Five years later, when Dirk was twenty-eight, he and Rosemary had a second child, a daughter, April. Her birth offered an ultimatum to Dirk, and in order to provide a better life for his wife and children, Dirk scraped together the money to buy a neighbouring farm, effectively doubling his potential income.

The years went by quickly, and before he knew it Dirk’s children were off living their own lives. Damien adopted the adventuring life of his estranged grandfather, growing quite renowned in his own right. April, being gifted with her mother’s beauty, married the son of the local governor. Shortly after losing his children to adulthood, Dirk lost his wife to illness. Not wanting to have to live with the sorrow of losing her, Dirk burned down his farmhouse and travelled to the city, where rumour had it a caravan was looking for applicants to found a frontier village, away from the emptiness that gnawed at him.

Dirk Alyssasson

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