Alin Ryncroft

The Legend Seeker


Sporting a beard and well-groomed mustache, Alin always attempts to carry himself in a carefree manner, enjoying life for the adventure of it all. More often than not, he can be found playing his lute around a campfire or tavern table, drawing in small crowds to share in revelry with him.


Born to a small farming family in Galt, Alin was always excited at stories detailing great monsters and heroes of old; Legends of the past. Such fantastic creatures seemed impossible to have ever existed to his young mind. As he grew up, helping out around his small village with farmwork, Alin’s fascination began to fade, as nothing exciting ever happened to him. The spark of inspiration was reignited several years later. One Spring day, a famous hero who had slain a dragon plaguing a nearby town, rode through his place of residence. The hero asked for one of the townsfolk to craft him a flowing cloak out of dragon’s scales, and was certainly well off enough in the way of gold to pay for it.

The process took several weeks, during which time Alin began shirking off his duties around the farm to hang out at the tavern and listen to the adventurer regale the townspeople with his own personal tales of fantastic adventure. The boy, who had recently become a man, was absolutely enthralled by such carefully woven stories, hanging on every word as though his life depended on it. Taking a liking to the boy, the adventurer, now known to him as the human warrior Canderos Dragwynn, let slip that the cloak he’d commissioned was for his daughter, a half-elf girl who lived in Andoran’s capital, as a present for her birthday.

Sadly, as Alin would soon learn, no good tale was free of tragedy. A day before the completion of his cloak, Dragwynn was assassinated in the middle of the tavern by a small group of cultists; Ones who had worshiped the very dragon he’d slain. Although the cultists were soon subdued and put to death for the murder, the damage was done. It was on that day that young Alin learned that not all tales have happy endings. But, just as Dragwynn’s tale had come to a close, Alin’s own story had just begun. He took the finished dragonscale cloak from the local craftsman, hired a traveling bodyguard to aid him in his travels, and took off for the nation of Andoran, intent on delivering the cloak to it’s rightful owner.

On the journey down, he struck up a quick friendship with the man, a Shoanti warrior known as Bartholomew Morcos, who seemed to have ideas of starting an even grander tale. Wanting to see such an idea through, Alin agreed to help the man find suitable candidates for such a village, hoping that a few of those he’d help choose would blossom into legends, just like Dragwynn.

Upon reaching Andoran’s capital, the two men split paths to take care of their previous plans there, agreeing to meet back up in a week’s time; Alin was to provide the people for the caravan, and Morcos was to provide supplies and the caravan. After asking around on the streets, Alin discovered that although Dragwynn did have a daughter, her mother, an elven noble who had immigrated to the area, refused to let such common farm rabble so much as see her.

Disheartened, he set about hiring the others that the caravan would need, staying at the local inn in the nights, playing a rented lute and singing songs based on the exploits that Dragwynn had relayed to him. Halfway through the week, he was approached by a hooded woman, who seemed to be familiar with the tales he was singing about. She asked where he’d heard them, and he told her the truth of the matter, Dragwynn’s death and all. The young woman broke down, revealing herself to be the very man’s daughter, Serianye.

Not having meant to break such bad news in such a nonchalant way, he presented her with the dragonscale cloak that had been meant for her, somewhat placating her sorrow. He assured her that Canderos had planned to make Andoran his very next stop, and that she’d never left her father’s mind as he traveled. No longer wishing to stay with her mother, she asked if she could join the caravan to the West to make a new start. Alin agreed, having high hopes for the young woman’s future. If her father had turned into such a legend, then surely she would follow in his footsteps.

Once the week had passed, Alin met back up with Morcos, both of them having been successful in their endeavors. Soon, a new legend would start. One that Alin would help build with his own two hands.

Alin Ryncroft

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