One of the taller blue scaled kobolds, Vrainur boasts long black horns as a sign of his yet revealed wild bloodline of linnorms, though kobold heritage colours his scales blue. A relatively healthy if not commonly weak for a kobold, he stands straight and shines a strong personality, pleasant even.


Vrainur grew up underground at a moderately large kobold tribe, adventurous and a bit of a hermit, with a close bond only with his friend, a deaf oracle. On a day the two decided to share a little adventure and ventured out with a guide and a few guards on a charting mission, discovering some of the many dangers along the way least of which were wandering adventurers and giant spiders.
On the peak of their adventure they stumbled upon a secret chamber, an altar and an egg belonging to a shadow dragon as identified by Vrainur himself. Heresy took place as his fortunately weak oracle friend failed to break the shell of the egg, claiming to devour the egg to gain the powers of the dragon. The guide and two guards as well as Vrainur himself decided otherwise, took the oracle and the egg back to the tribe and explained what happened with honesty, suffice to say the oracle paid with blood and cared for the egg until it hatched. Less than a week later an orc raiding party stumbled down and a fierce yet futile battle to save the tribe took place and most of the tribe was cut down where it stood while the combat incapable escaped and Vrainur in his cowardice, joined the fleeing.

The tribe survived to topworld, ending up on a swamp where the few survivors began anew; Vrainur the sorcerer however had always had wanderlust and adventure, curiosity in his heart and something else in his bloody, took off to find fortune of his own. Uncommonly tolerant and willing to learn for a kobold and sorcerer no less, the blue scaled one sought his way to the big folks, to learn a different life to that of his past life.


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