The Bigger Picture

Log #1: Settling In For The Road
A new journey awaits us

Thirty-first of Pharast, 4715

Today was the first day of our caravan moving out toward the site of the new settlement, and I have to say, I’m impressed with the people I signed on to help guide it there. Wagon three in particular pulled their weight today, dispatching of four goblin ambushers and their mounts. I was sad to hear that a fifth goblin got away. With a bit of bad luck, he could be back to track us down with a larger number. I’m probably just worrying a bit too much though.

Wagon one, where I’ve been riding, did their fair share of guarding as well, and with only two guards as well! Sir Tomeo and Mr. Cipto cut and shot down three goblins each, Mr. Cipto seeming to have tried to make some manner of contest out of it. He was rather disheartened when he realized it would end in a tie, as there were no more goblins to kill. Sir Tomeo didn’t seem to have much of a spirit for the event, however, cutting them down as though they were nothing more than training dummies. The lack of emotion he put into it set me on edge a bit, but I’m sure it was just nerves. I’ve never been much of one for being near battle.

Around the campfire tonight, I was overjoyed to see most everyone getting along, with the exception of that quirky little kobold and hooded man from wagon three. They must have retired early for the night. Serianye expressed her disinterest in being in the front wagon with myself and Mr. Morcos, though I explained away that there was scarce a safer wagon in the caravan. Near the end of the night, Mr. Alyssasson (Though he prefers I call him Dirk), approached myself and Mr. Morcos with his fears that some among our number may not be cut out for the harsh reality of traveling on the open road. Deep down, I shared that very sentiment of fear, but brushed it away from my facade. If the leadership of this caravan can’t retain a brave and optimistic outlook on things, it may reflect negatively on the rest of the wagons.

These are things to worry about tomorrow though. For now, I retire, and hope for the best tomorrow that one can hope for. May we all live to see this expedition through to the end.

-Alin Ryncroft


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